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Teruel City Council has tendered a contract whose object is to control the response of vegetation to ozone pollution in the project area. The awarding of the contract was the CEAM Foundation, Center for Environmental Studies of the Mediterranean Foundation.

It will do a research study on control plots where different plant species under controlled conditions which act as biomarkers in the context of revegetation and planting of the quarries, thereby converting the place of Ollerías in a space shall be planted reference to combat ozone pollution.

The protocol is composed of several stages:

  1. Preliminary study for the spatial distribution of ozone concentrations in the city of Teruel and in the area surrounding Las Arcillas.
  2. Justification of the location and areas of the control plots.
  3. Justification for the choice of the four plant species necessary for the study units.
  4. Plantation the number of species needed for the study.
  5. Exhibition.
  6. Analysis of their effects on plants.
  7. Evaluation against other stations.

Thus, it will check which species better resist this type of contamination and useful conclusions for future reforestation and forest vegetation.

Also the contractor shall draw up a final report entitled "GUIDE OF VEGETATION IN THE FIGHT AGAINST OZONE POLLUTION" which will be a publication resulting from this action will allow the dissemination and transfer methods and results used internationally.

If you want to know the Progress Report dated December 8, 2013 (in spanish), click here.

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