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Teruel City Council has tendered a contract whose object is to control the effects of environmental restoration on erosion and soil loss. The awarding of the contract was the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Environment.

One of the essential problems generated by the deterioration of the environment "Ollerías" is soil erosion resulting from runoff . This results in significant damage to the surrounding neighborhoods of Teruel, such as the Barrio del Arrabal and Barrio San Julián. In this sense, reforestation and forest hydrological planned project have as their objective the reduction of initial runoff and consequent soil loss .

The Polytechnic University of Valencia is going to carry out the study of erosion and soil loss before the performance, during and after, using tools and consolidated models.

Also, in relation to the experimental plots  which plans to run the City Council regarding the reinforcement of vegetation structure, in which different types of species will be cultivated in order to verify its behavior against erosion, a report on will be performed most suitable species to verify that behavior.

If you want to know the edaphological Report dated February 2014, click here.

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